Basic Equine Health was founded in 2014, when Tom Hall developed the GutHealth formulas from his experience in the Racing, Showing, Judging, Training, and general horse keeping profession. He saw common problems that should be preventable and developed products that successfully treat the stomach and hind gut issues that have affected countless equines from backyard pets to Triple Crown qualifiers.
After seeing the results of these products firsthand, Clint and Tiffany Leonard knew they had to be a part of this life-changing company. They are both active in NRHA competitions as owners and riders and have been in the horse industry their whole lives.
They created Basic Animal Health to acquire the intellectual properties and formulas of Basic Equine Health, and take those concepts further than ever imagined. Basic Animal Health will significantly broaden the products offered to include multiple new and improved equine products as well as products for livestock and dogs.
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Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Learn about managing gastric ulcers in horses with a focus on Basic Animal Health Gut Health products. Discover how these products can support your horse’s gastrointestinal health.

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Along with new products, Basic Animal Health is introducing:

BAH Horse supplements helps with hindgut Stabilizer gastric aid and digestive  boost immunity, increase drinking, and provides respiratory support

About Us

CEO and Production

Clint and Tiffany Leonard

Clint and Tiffany own and operate Leonard Truck and Trailer in North Jackson, Ohio. They are both active in NRHA competitions and have been in the horse industry their whole lives. They have two sons Cash and Cord.  Cash is active in NRHA competitions as well as showing 4H livestock including pigs and cattle. Cord is raising a small herd of show cattle including clubby cattle and Shorthorns, which he shows on the cattle circuit in Ohio and the surrounding area.

Clint and Tiffany established Basic Animal Health in 2022 to acquire the formulas of Basic Equine Health.  They saw the results of these products firsthand and knew they had to be a part of this life-changing company.  They handle marketing and production of the products.

Elite Affiliate

Jason Somnitz

Jason has been a key promoter of our products since 2017. He uses the products daily and has achieved incredible results with their use. He manages promotions at shows across the country, while helping individuals find the best GutHealth solution for their horse and helping dealers become successful. Jason travels to different Equine events all over the country.

Jason has over 20 years of involvement in the Equine industry. He has experience in everything from farm management, breeding, riding, and showing, as well as having his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Cleveland State University.

 Outside of work Jason can be found fitting and showing his own Halter horses and Trail horses, where he has had multiple World and National Champions for both AQHA and APHA.

 Jason lives in Geneva Ohio on his family farm.

Horse Supplements

GutHealth Gastric and Hindgut

ShowFocus for a BetterRide

TrailerRide Calming Supplement

Pure Gold Extreme


O2 Advantage


Livestock Supplements

GutHealth Gastric and Hindgut

ShowFocus Xtra Strength Gel Supplement for Livestock

TrailerRide Calming Supplement

Dog Supplements

GutHealth Xtra Strength for Dogs

Allergy-N-Immune for Dogs

Joint-N-Tissue for Dogs